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For us, the relationship between athlete and coach is central. Every collaboration therefore starts with a detailed discussion about your personal goals, your competition and training history and availability. 

Each training plan is individually tailored to your needs, your goals and your time budget, regardless of how much or how little time you have to train. Your Trainingplan will be adjusted as often as necessary to accommodate work, family, and more.  

Performance overview

Kickoff meeting at the beginning of the cooperation 

  • Goal setting (competition/training)

  • Strengths/weaknesses analysis

  • Introduction to "training monitoring", setting up the account on Trainingpeaks


  • Periodization/cycling of training load and content for ongoing collaboration (all year round)

  • Training load and specific alignment of training planning to the seasonal goal
    according to the “training-stress-balance” model  

Training planning microcycle 

  • Detailed training plan (continuously updated)
    Information required for this: filling in the online training diary, training feedback  

Training practice

  • learning training methods

  • Endurance training methods (including evaluation of performance data)

  • Strength training (periodization, hypertrophy, IK, etc.)

  • Basic nutrition, measures to optimize training
    (use macronutrients correctly)  

Training and competition analysis 

  • Analysis of training and competition data using WKO5  

An open ear for concerns 

  • Personal / telephone conversations, emails, Whatsapp,
    Training peaks as a "dynamic" tool



Analysis of training and competition data. Suggestions for training interventions. Expertise in cycling in general
(equipment & coaching, etc.).

We are happy to pass on our knowledge to interested Coaches, Teams and Athletes.

Technical Skills Training


Riding technique and offroad efficiency (the ability to move efficiently offroad) are of great importance in mountain biking.

The training can include cornering technique, line choice, drops and many other technical elements. In addition to 1-1 lessons, we also offer group training. A training session usually lasts around two hours.  



For larger groups, clubs etc. we offer lectures on topics such as training theory, training principles, performance data analysis, nutrition, training with a power meter and more.



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