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Mountainbike checklist

Have you ever wondered what it takes to ride your Mountainbike fast and efficient? Following a little checklist🤓.👇🏻

- Ride your mountain bike as much as possible. Even if it’s bad weather, go and ride your local trails. - Relax your upper body and be as efficient as possible on the bike. - Smoother is faster. The smoothest rider is usually also one of the fastest. - Use your body as suspension and move with the terrain, don’t try to fight the terrain. Not only is this more energy efficient, it’s also less demanding on your equipment. - Look ahead, anticipate the terrain and invest power to go over difficult terrain. This is both faster and more energy efficient over the long run. - Check your tyre pressure before every ride using the same tyre pressure gauge. - Regularly check suspension pressure. Make sure you use the same suspension pressure gauge. - Temperature changes effect suspension rebound and this should be taken into consideration before every ride. - Incorporate skills training with Endurance rides. - Look ahead and anticipate the terrain going uphill and downhill. - Consume carbohydrates and fuel property for skills training sessions - don’t underestimate the energy demands of skills training. Carbohydrates helps you to keep focus. - Choose a particular section of trail and practice it over and over and over and over. Repetition is key to improving on the bike skills. - Always ride with a power meter. Data is key. It helps you to keep track of your training and gives you good insight into the demands of particular training session. - Use and look at Normalised Power for the purpose of analysing power data from mountain bike #mtb #ridefightwin #velocoach #velocoachathlete #mountainbike #training 📸 @kenoderleyn

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