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Interval training

Want to ride your bike faster and get into Form but not sure which intervals to do? Following a few tips from our own experience:

We believe that interval training is sold unnecessarily "complicated" and misused as a marketing tool by many coaches - true to the motto "the more complex the designed interval the more competent the coach“! A look at the current state of sports science on the subject of interval training quickly shows that complex is not always better and can actually have a negative impact on performance.

Based on the facts, it quickly becomes clear that training intensity and duration (the so-called "time in zone", i.e. the sum of all completed loads; 4x8' = 32') has an essential influence on the success of a training the intervention. The design of an interval unit should therefore essentially aim to optimize the "time in zone" total duration (< 60min. FTP, < 30min VO2max) and thus enable the greatest possible physiological adjustment effects.

So when planing intervals ask yourself following questions: .

- Which training phase am I in? .

- Which physiological parameters do I want to improve with my training intervention?.

- Is the chosen training intensity suitable for this?.

- Will the selected interval design help me achieve the desired optimal total time (time in zone approach)?.

- Is the chosen interval method constant makeable over a longer period of time?

I hope this helps. If you want to know more about this and similar topics contact us at Velocoach #velocoach #velocoachathlete

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